Reinstall ATI catalyst for Toshiba Satellite

I own a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983 w/ AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M300 and I mistakenly uninstalled ATI Catalyst software components from my computer and now the screen looks stretched out and I need help installing the components back... HELP!!!
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  1. Have a CD backup? The one that came with the laptop when you bought it?

    You can download it on ATI download site:

    Just choose the right OS and card type there... :)
  2. I'm affriad thats not possible. Toshiba refuse to let AMD/ATI develope drivers for them so you will have to turn to the manufacturers web page and download some horribly outdated driver from there.

    See toshiba don't really care to realease updated drivers, since you already bought your laptop. Which is why I'm never buying a Toshiba laptop again :??:
  3. ^
    You maybe right, well, my laptop is Toshiba too... :)
  4. wa1 said:
    You maybe right, well, my laptop is Toshiba too... :)

    Another thing they might have forgot to mention is to check the recovery partition usually a (D) drive and your Cd/Dvd rom drive would be (E) Look for Ati chipset folder in the partition. 2) Step goto toshiba sattellites website to see about drivers and download whatever they have thats most current and not beta to get the laptop working right away! 3) If drivers look around 4-5 months old try and check out AMD's Website for Drivers or if you are cautious you can email toshiba tech support to see if they still upgrade drivers for this laptop and if AMD drivers for this laptop is compatible kinda of like the way an administrator checks out a system before he rolls-out a patch but simpler! Feel Free to vote me best answer :)
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