Cannot start vista computer with razer mouse toms hardware

This is my first post I do hope someone can help. I cannot start my 32 bit vista computer with razer LACHESIS mouse plugged into USB, I have tried all USB's but still get the same problom. The system will stop loading on the boot screen untill I unplug the mouse from usb ,then with mouse unplugged it will boot to windows. I have driver V 1.00 and firmware V: 1.91.

Thankyou for any help
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  1. Try another usb port.
  2. try updating your motherboard bios. this fixes it for some.
  3. Take this advise, Get rid off the Razor. i had a razor mouse and keyboard and they failed everyday keyboard would freeze mouse would freeze drivers suck invest in logitech no problems there! I waited untill my 30days was up and they got thrown in the trash waisted 200$ dont make the same mistake.
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