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good day sir! it is compatible to gx280 small desktop versus radeon hd2900xt video card? could you give an advice.
thanks and more power.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    I don't exactly understand your question, but i assume that you want to upgrade from a 2900XT to a GTX 280 and want to which perform better,if so then GTX 280 is a huge upgrade from 2900XT,its about 2x time faster.
  2. Yup. The GTX 280 is more than 2x faster, even more so if you use AA and AF where it's more like 3x.
  3. The GTX 280 is also usually quite overpriced these days. Unless you are getting one at a good price, probably used, there are likely better cards to pick.
  4. What are the system specs? We need: CPU, RAM and the EXACT make and model of the power supply. Failing that, the exact make and model of your system.
    The GTX280 is also very large, so it may not fit into a small desktop case.
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