Cant find 3.5" bay mesh or blank plates anywhere?

Sorry if in the wrong section.

I'm trying to find 3.5" drive slotk blanking plates for my PC case...the kind of thing that is in place of the hole until you want to add a floppy drive, in which cas you just push out the plastic blanking plate (this is what I need).

I'm after some black ones but I cant find them anywhere!?

Preferrably I'd like some mesh ones,m but I cant see that happening seen as I cant even find standard ones!!

Can anyone help?

P.S. I do not mean the CD drive plates - I can find them ok (mesh ones too), I need floppy (3.5") plates/mesh.


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  1. The best place to find these is at a local computer shop. They tend to pile up. One issue you will find is that not all "blanks" will fit in all "holes". Case makers tend to make varying designs for their particular cases. You may have to grab several to find one that fits. Some cases (Cooler Master comes to mind) have the very mesh type blanks/covers you are looking for. Computer shop, my friend, that is your place. Good luck!
  2. Thanks COL - I'll head down to my local this weekend.

    How hard do you think it would be to make a custom mesh fitting to fill my 2 x 3.5" bay hole? Kind of want to try but it needs to look good!
  3. Or you can get a 3.5" fan controller if you don't plan to use a floppy.

    It's good for 3 pin fans they say.
  4. Mosox's fan controller idea is a good one. Making one that looks good AND stays in the hole will take some time, but is do-able. All you would really need is a Dremel and the right material.
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