Is this PSU enough for this card?

I don't know what the deal is...I thought this PSU was plenty for this card but ever since I've switched from ATI to Nvidia it's been nothing but TROUBLE. Every ATI card I've ever had played almost flawlessly.

Anyway I'm on a 9800GT right now and a 450W BFG tech. I can play most games but when I run on higher settings on let's say L4D2 the game freezes up and eventually the computer reboots and I can see some infinite loop error in windows system logs.

According to all the power supply calcs I use this PSU is plenty but I wanted a second opinion.


Never buying Nvidia again.
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  1. It should be plenty if it has 24 amps on the combined +12 volt rails.
  2. I think it's a good quality PSU: Here it is

    The stability of this card just hasn't been pleasing at all.
  3. BFG has solid PSU, you will be fine

    check the temps on the 9800GT, they tend to run hot.
  4. No, see the little voltage switch? That's one of the older BFG PSUs, that weren't all that great. I didn't find a review of that specific model, but I did find a thread that didn't speak too kindly about it: The LS models are good, but not the older GS ones.
    This sounds more like a driver problem though. When you removed the previous [ATi] card, did you completely remove the old drivers?
  5. I think it is a driver problem. I have already reinstalled windows and I use driver sweeper when installing new drivers. I tryed reverting to a slightly older driver but still have the same issue.

    I just don't understand it. I'm not technically incompetent at all really but to me I just get the sense that Nvidia cards(or at least this model) has some stability issues.
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