CPU Temp Too High! How To Cool CPU?


Upgrading my PC has been a total nightmare.

I have just gone from a DualCore (2.2Ghz) CPU to a Core2Duo E8400 (3.00Ghz) CPU.

I have reinstalled Windows XP, my BIOS has auto detected my new CPU and Properties also lists my CPU. The CPU is really quick in my machine.


When playing MS Flight Sim, half way through my PC just turns itself off, Im thinking its something to do with the fact that my CPU is maybe overheating?

My CPU is currently 85°C plus, is this too hot?

I am using the stock Intel CPU Cooler that come with my E2200 cpu, and would like to know how the heck I cool the CPU down, the CPU cooler is clean, no dust, spinning at around 1900rpm.

What do I do to cool the CPU down?

Secondly, my PC wont power down when I click 'Turn Off My Computer', it just hangs at the screen and I have to literally turn the PC off at the button...

What is going on with my pc, my cpu IS supported by my motherboard, I have plenty of RAM, a fresh install of xp. I have a 520watt power supply and my cpu cooler fan is spinning.

Its really annoying now!

Any Ideas...cheers! Alex
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  1. As I recall, you're the one who post a thread a few days ago about the same issue. Have you done a clean install of the XP by reformatting the HDD as I suggested?

    As for the overheating issue, how much fan do you have in you PC case? The ambient temperature also determine the CPU temperature rise. The cooler the case temperature, the cooler the CPU. Why do you use the old CPU cooler? Don't the Core2 comes with its own?

    You're also still having that "freeze at shutdown issue". With a clean install, that shouldn't have happened. Unless the cause is not the OS.

    Lastly, what's the brand of your PSU? Since it might have something to do with your current issue. Take note of every possibility won't hurt.
  2. Hi All.

    1) Done a clean Install, reformatted HDD and still PC wont power down properly.

    2) PSU is non branded and is called an 'Arianet PSU' the company that built the PC.

    3)I have no fans in the PC other than the fan that is attached to the CPU.

    4)There was no cooler that come with my new CPU as it was sold without one from ebay which was where I bought it.

    5) The cpu cooler was the stock cooler that come the E2200 cpu.

    6) I have no auto shutdown on my BIOS other than a Target Temp feature.

    7) Inside PC Case temp is around 35 (is this ambient temp?).

    Is this info any help?

    Cheers for you help guys!

  3. Hi.

    Im from the UK its blimmin freezin here! lol

    I have a side exhaust which is something atleast, will certainly buy 2 fans for rear and front.

    Target temp not set as not too sure what temp to target yet?

    As for the cooler, you mean this:


    Regarding the PSU, I havent got mega bucks to spend as yet so will see what I can afford on that one!

    Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi All,

    CPU cooler is now replaced, and works like a treat now, my temp has now halved! And no crashes. Just waiting for an extra fan to fit to pc case!

    Still have the problem with turning off the PC, even after reinstalling windows and after BIOS has auto detected my new CPU.

  5. UPDATE: Just flashed my BIOS, after re-installing windows, my BIOS actually let me flash it and no longer has the PC WONT TURN OFF problem!

    So just for reference, BIOS did need flashing to next version, and a windows re-install was necessary, also my original stock CPU cooler was broken as one of the legs had a missing 'plastic clamp prong' and now I have a new cooler which is brand new and has fixed the overheating problem!

    PC Fixed all thanks to you guys! Thank you sooooo much :)
  6. Can I ask a pretty much off the topic question:

    I already have 2GB of RAM and would like to up this to 4GB of RAM by adding another 2GB stick. I've been advised to always install memory in matching pairs, but do I need to have the same brand of RAM as what's already in my machine (Ie mix my Rendition RAM with lets say Crucial RAM).....

    Was just curious!


  7. Cheers Dude!

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