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hey guys, i really need your help. I built a new pc a couple days ago and it was working great. Last night i left it open and when i woke up i couldnt restore it from sleep mode..
So i pressed reset button to restart. The pc started, all the fans working, all leds on but i couldnt get any display on my monitor at all. The motherboard is Asrock 870 extreme3 and has a debug led on it.. it beeps one time and stops at AA code where i get a white screen on the monitor and i cant do anything from there.

Things i have done without any success:
1.Reset cmos with jumpers
2.Used another gpu and was again not working
3.Used another psu and the same was happening again.
4.Used another stick of ddr3 ram and still nothing.
5.Disconnected HDD

I only have gpu(pci-e), cpu(amd phenom 2 x4 955 and ram connected to the motherboard.

Anyone has a solution for me ? I would really appreciate it.
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  1. Well AA code refers to Uninstall POST INT1Ch vector and INT09h vector Deinitializes the ADM module or System is running in APIC or ACPI mode. , which for us humans means it is ready to complete bios post and a single beep means its looking for boot media, i.e fdd or hdd.

    Now you current setup, you have no hdd connected, have you tried with just a dvd connected and Windows disk inserted and bios setup as your 1st boot device?

    If the Windows disk boots, your hdd is fried.
  2. i have tried yet another gpu and that one works... i dont know why my radeon hd 5750 is not working.
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