SATA hard drive repair software?

I have removed the SATA drive from my old laptop which quit working. I put it into a SATA to USB enclosure and plugged it into the working laptop. The computer sees the drive, however I can only access the system (I assume) portion of the drive (F: DELLUTILITY) the other two portions (G: and I: both local disks) which I assume are the C: drive and the DVD/RW drive freeze up anytime I try to read them in anyway. When I open the properties on F:, it says the drive is working properly and shows the portions of the drive (again assuming, as I am no expert or novice even really, but it mentions the drive itself, the DVD/RW, and the USB drive). I am wondering if there is any software and if so what it is that may enable me to get the computer to read the entire disk. There is a lot of data I would really like to have back if the drive can be at all fixed. I am just wondering if it might be fixable or if I should give up and junk it.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, please and Thank you!! :hello:
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  1. have you tried a Linux LiveCD?
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