Freezing in bios and wont boot now no display

intel quad cpu, asus p5ne sli mobo, geforce 9800 gt oc, win power 650w psu, 4gb ram

computer has been running fine for over 12 months started having problems with the display on rare occasions, now it wont show the display at all i tried another video card still the same problem put the old one back in and tried unplugging a few times managed to get the bios up then it froze up in the bios,
i then took the battery out of another faulty computer that was blue screening on os start and mine started up and blue screened on os start so naturaly i assumed it was the battery so i bought a new one and fitted it but still no monitor and cant get bios it all powers up fans run but no display ive tried switching round the main memory still nothing. is there anything else i can try before shelling out for a new mobo or psu?
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  1. Try to check the RAM and mobo.
  2. Try swapping in a known good PSU and RAM, or stick current ones in a known working PC.

    Also, any changes to system lately?
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