Ssd raid question

Hi guys
im allready using a 128gb ocz octane ssd ( sata II ) and im interested in adding a second 128gb ssd and running them in raid ( 0 or 1 ).. however i have a few questions for you guys before i buy the ssd and these are :
1) im having difficulty finding another sata II ocz octane 128gb ssd .. theres loads of sata III models of this drive but no sata II... can you mix sata II and sata III when setting up raid ( 0 or 1 )
2) can you use different brands as long as the capacity are the same and they are sata II ?
3) for optimal performance would i be right in running raid 0 .... and with 2 x 128gb ssd,s how much capacity would i get ....
basically im looking for more peformance and raid 0 using 2 x 128gb ssd,s should give me that ....
any help is much appreciated
cheers guys !
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