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Hi, i bought an Asus g51j laptop a few months ago. I honestly don't know much about laptops but i was wondering if this laptop is able to do sli?
I've tried to look up the info on multiple websites but so far haven't found anything relevant. And as far as i know there's nowhere on my laptop or laptop box that says sli. I know some laptops can have 2 vid cards and i've been wanting to add maybe a second one.
Any help would be appreciated. But i figure if i can't find any info it must be because it's not sli enabled. The card that i have in it is a nvidia gtx260 M.
Thank you
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  1. did your laptop come with motherboard disks read the model number type if its sli compatible, but i wouldnt use SLI for battery reasons just upgrade to a more powerful graphics card and it should do the job
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    No it doesn't support SLI,it only has one PCI-E slot.
  3. Since it's a laptop, you can't do anything about that, except add/change RAM...
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