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Upon installation of my EVGA Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 640MB...the default fan speed is 60%...this is without any kind of 3rd party software or anything. For some reason earlier today, my default fan speed dropped to like 30%...out of nowhere...for absolutely no reason. Is there anyway to change that?
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  1. MSI afterburner
  2. What does that mean?
  3. try and use the software on there website or if your mobo allows it use the BIOS or third-party programs?
  4. Software on nvidia website?...well I downloaded the nvidia performance group thing so I can control fan speed from my nvidia control panel but it doesn't even work. I can only use rivatuner. If no other control panels or anything was working defualt fan speed was always 60% no matter what. Now as soon as I disable rivatuner, instead of going to 60% as defualt it goes to 30% and then the cards heats up to like 90 degrees... Its crazy and extremely sudden. I didn't have this problem this morning. What the heck can be wrong. And ct615, what does MSI afterburner mean? And is there is anyway to fix this issue or is my card gone because I am afraid if I try to reinstall my OS or something...the card can heat up extremely in that case and burn out!!! Thanks for any help people.
  5. msi afterburner is a program tool to OC and control fan speed. its basically a re-skin of rivatuner.
  6. Thank you, however I just don't understand why this happened and is there anyway to get the defualt back to 60% fan speed?...I mean what I am going to do if lets say...I uninstall my OS and the card goes down to 30% and heats up to 100c and burns out..!
  7. Okay so now I booted up into my Vista OS from my Dual Boot...everything works fine. Fan speed is defaulted at 60% obviosly so its not a videocard hardware problem but its a problem with my windows 7 OS. Something must have changed. So any pointers as to how to get the fan speed defualted back to 60% as usual???...Because honestly I was at a party and left early and came back to realize my fan was at 30% and my card was 86C...what if I hadn't left earlier and it would be like this for another 3-4 hours, it would have burned out. This is crazy.
  8. Okay (Whipes sweat off his forehead)...i fixed it. I had to just move the fan back to 60% and apply settings for start up nvidia control panel. All good now. However...i have no clue how it happened to change itself to 30%...because I didn't touch a damn thing.
  9. Okay...I guess its better to continue on this board. The problem just came back again. When I turn off Rivatuners fan control...the fan zips right back to 30% speed instead of 60% like its supposed to automatically. Please any help on what can be causing this?
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    blackhawk1928 said:
    Okay...I guess its better to continue on this board. The problem just came back again. When I turn off Rivatuners fan control...the fan zips right back to 30% speed instead of 60% like its supposed to automatically. Please any help on what can be causing this?

    Use MSI Afterburner just like ct615 mentioned, then create a fan curve and you are DONE. The program will take care of your card from there on..

  11. I see, can RivaTuner be used for this or do you still recommend MSI after burner?
    I'll give MSI Afterburner a try, however does it automatically apply on start-up of windows?

    And is there any pointers as to what is causing the problem originally?
  12. Both programs were developed by the same person, Riva is just outdated and bloated IMO.

    Yes, it will startup automatically.

    Not sure what your issue is but it should disappear once you create a fan curve. Just use my screenshot as an example, your temps will stay nice n cool regardless of the GPU load.
  13. I don't think MSI afterburner was even doing anything, I made a fan curve and it "said" it was increasing fan speed but it wasn't. I went to Nvidia Control Panel and set fan speed to 100% and it didn't work...Riva tuner is the only program that actually turned it up to 100% when it told it to...because at 100% the fan is loud so I know weather or not it is really spinning. It seems like unless I manually crank it up with only Rivatuner, the card's fan drops to 30% and then the cards slowly climbs into the 90's Celsius and fry' what is this, hardware, software...?

    There is apparently a problem, it might be a sensor or something, but when MSI or Nvidia Control Panel say its spinning at 100% or really isn't.
  14. If you are using more than one program to adjust the fan speed you will obviously hit a wall, you need to pick one or the other.

    You can monitor your fan curve using the graph, stress the GPU and you will see the fan spool up depending on the GPU temp.
  15. I understand this, I used to just have Rivatuner and the Nvidia Control Panel. I only used rivatuner and it was fine, but all of a sudden about a few days ago this problem suddenly hit. And thats the thing, rivatuner is the only program that controls it, if I turn off rivatuner, MSI and nvidia fail at doing anything....they just don't work. Is my video card broken physically? I tried uninstalling everything and just using the nvidia tool and the fan speed didn't change despite me setting to 100%. This problem was extremely sudden, I didn't cause anything or make any changes for it to happen.
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