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Hello all!
I have lots of question about one item, a Gatway solo 2000

Q1: On the back of the screen of the laptop it says Gateway2000 Solo. On the bottom it says Gateway 2000 Model no: Solo 2300. So it it a solo 2300 or a 2000 solo

The Computer has a Pentium 133 mhz Cpu and 64 Mb of ram .It has no hd. On the sides it has:2 usb ports, power, lpt port, Ir port, Vga port, serial port, PS2 port, a composite video out, 2 PCMIA ports, a mic, line in, line out, headphones and volume control, not to mention the dock port. i have a cd drive for it but cant open it because the button busted off. The reason it has 64 mb of ram is that is the only stick i can find for it. I also Have a floppy drive for it. I have gotten it to boot off a floppy into MS-Dos.

Q2: Can i somehow get it to run win 95 on it off a old Flash Drive? If So How?

Q3: Is there a place where i can get info about it? If so, Where is it?

Q4: I was planing on using it to control stuff with its lpt port. How can I Wirelessly communicate with it?

Help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance.
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    it might be a solo 2300

    2. no OS can't be installed onto a Flash drive, cuz they need a real computer to actually work they can't be transferred that is illegal


    4. to do that you will have to setup a network and have it hook up to the network wirelessly but, only if it has wireless capabilities

    hope this helps
  2. You could install some of the minimal Linux flavors on a flash drive. Pretty sure Win95 is completely unaware of flash drives. Aside from that, I agree with all of Upendra09's advice.
  3. Thank you Upendra09
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