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I have just got a Kingston SSD v plus 200 120GB. I installed it in my PC giving it a SATA 3.0 6 GBPS CABLE PORT. But on AS SSD I'm getting Seq. writing speed upto 194MB and Seq. read upto 114MB. Isn't it too slow ? as Kingston promises much faster than this.

Firmware : 502ABBF0
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  1. Kingston 120 gig Uses the Sandforce Controller. The manuf list Sequencial performance based on ATTO Benchmark. This benchmark is a poor benchmark for SSD, was developed for HDDs that functioned as an OS + Prorgram + DATA drive.
    It uses data that is readily compressable, which the SF22xx based SSDs LOVE - Not real life as OS and programs are closer to being NON-compressable.
    AS SSD was designed for SSDs that are Used for OS + programs AND user gernerated files on a HDD.

    If you want to verify manuf's claim you would need to run ATTO, or find a review that shows AS SSD performance.

    I did Not look your SSD, but inclined to think that it Uses Asynchronous NAND chips, This is simular to the Agility III SSD (I OWN two 120 gig Agility IIIs). The Agility III may be listed as a SATA III SSD and show good performance using ATTO. But if you check using AS SSD I find that the Agility III does NOT perform any better on Sata III than on SATA II (Note: this was documented in a review also).

    The Bottom Line really is, how is the Real performance - ie boot time (compared to Old HDD) and how are program load times.

    Also Did AS SSD show a correct driver such as msahci or intel/amd driver and NOT pcide = Bad. Did the Partition alginment show "OK". Also make sure that MB Bios Version is up todate, almost as important as having the latest Firmware on SSD.
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