Internet connection but no Internet?

Hi guys I keep having problems with my friends computer. He keeps getting a connection to the Internet but can't actually surf the Internet? I've seentbis problem before but normally you reset the driver and the problem is solved but I've reset the driver twice and I've deleted the driver and reinstalled the driver. Each time it takes a little bit of time (week or two) and the problems well a problem again. Any ideas?? Thanks guys!
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  1. Try this:
    -- Disconnect the power cords to the modem and the router.
    -- Re-connect the power cable to the modem, wait for the lights to finish flashing (the last one (4th or 5th) can be flashing.
    -- Re-connect the power cable to the router.
    -- See if he's got connectivity now.
  2. no can get him to have connectivity just every few weeks it keeps breaking
  3. no i can get him to connect its just every few weeks it breaks
  4. I recently had a problem with my Dell Windows XP Laptop that sounds similar. Network connections would show that I was connected to my network, but it never showed an Internet connect. I suspect my wireless chip failed (left the laptop powered on all week).

    First, I'd check the status of the router when your friend loses Internet connectivity. If he's running DHCP, make sure the IP lease is renewing properly. Check the logs to see if anyone else is connecting unknowingly.

    Second, see if you can reconnect using the commands ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew.

    Finally, use a tool like NetStumbler to see if there are any other wireless networks running on the same channel as your friend. If so, move to a free channel.

    Again, to me, it sounds like the wireless chip is failing in your friend's system and buying an external USB wireless adapter resolved my issue 10 minutes after getting it home, but do the other troubleshooting first.

    -Wolf sends
  5. That could be signal problem with the cable/wire provider. If he's on a TV cable network, like cox or comcast, there is constant two-way signal activity between his modem and the provider. If it's breaking the connection every few weeks, I would think that's normal. Now if he is directly connected to a backbone...............................
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