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Help - which optical drive to buy?

I'm looking for a DVD/CD burning internal drive for my new desktop PC.

It has to be retail (I don't want to buy a separate SATA cable).

I'd like it to be reliable and as quiet as I can get. I don't need Blu Ray optical drive either.

I was going to buy the ASUS 24B1ST but I keep reading about them 'blowing up'.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Thank you for the link. Do you have any experience with that model, or that brand?
  2. Yes i own 2 of them!
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    Lite-On is the way to go.

    Lite-On per say is an OEM manufacturer. Some of the optical drives of other brands are actually Lite-On drives rebranded and sold to the customer.

    If Im not mistaken some Sony drives are/were from Lite-On.
    The Xbox 360 uses Lite-On drives.

    This one is cheaper by a few... though only 1MB cache and no lightscribe support, if that's a dealbreaker.
  4. All of the ASUS internal drives are manufactured by Lite-On. I have used both over the years without a single issue. I have never heard of them "blowing up." Except for the faceplate, they are the same units. Lite-On also makes drives for Sony.
  5. Thanks for all the help. I purchased a retail version of Lite-on. I wish I could get a Pioneer because I do remember that they were awesome. Actually, I wish I didn't need an optical drive, but I still do :(
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  8. Thanks hope you enjoy your new drive!!!!!!!!!!
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