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A: My HP Pavillion PC came with RAID0, Vista 32bit and I upgraded to Win7. I would like to do a clean install of the OS. I was never able to burn a set of Recovery disks and at this point, I would have to order/purchase them. I know there is a Recovery partition built into the system. I'm wondering if I do a full system backup onto an external drive, can I do a system restore (to factory condition) of just the OS? Essentially, will System Restore allow me to select only what I want to restore and get it back into RAIDO properly? I've been told (and read) that Win7 upgrade disk is actually the full OS. But, I'm still leery. Should I go ahead and just use it instead of the Recovery partition? My reason for wanting to do this is that, in addition to a clean install, I would like to split the OS and the data into different partitions. Currently, the OS and data are on the same partition with the Recovery being a separate one.

B: I'm seeking some opinions on whether RAIDO is really that useful for what I do, which is, some 30 minute video productions, VHS transferring and editing. Is the speed during home video prod. worth keeping the RAID0 set up? If the speed isn't significant, maybe going non-RAID, using one drive for the OS and the other for data would be just fine and be less complicated. (I understand the risk of the RAIDO, so I have three external back-ups in case of internal drive failure.)

Would appreciate any input. Thanks.
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  1. A factory recovery wouldn't allow you to change partitions from where they are now, assuming they're where the original installation set them. That's a good enough reason for upgrading to Windows 7 on its own but just moving on from the dreadful Vista is also a good reason.

    I'm no expert on RAID other than to remind people what happens when it goes wrong.

  2. Thank you, that makes sense. Thanks too for responding.

    If someone out there can ring in on part B of my query, I'd appreciate it.
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