My firewire port doesn't work

I tried to copy the videos from my miniDV cam to my notebook. I have sony DCR-HC18E cam and acer aspire 5943G computer. On my laptop have a firewire port (4pin) and in my cam too the same port.
when I connect my cam to comp. nothing is happening. any sounds , any connect attentions. i looked to the device manager and don't show my firewire/ieee 1394 host controller. I tried to update the driver of firewire host but didn't find my device. after this I added manually the device but on the device have a yellow attention and writes "device doesn't works correctly" . by the way i looked to my bios that maybe the firewire port is disabled but in bios have not a setting for it.
please help me..
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  1. you might need a driver disc for the Sony cam as Sony sometime uses a proprietary driver....
    Other then that I'ld look at the settings on the cam to see if the firewire is enabled, because some cams can turn them of or switch between fire and usb..
    Hope this helps....JQ
  2. by default your camera will leave firewire options on. When the connection is made a prompt may appear on your camera asking if you want connect via firewire, you'll need to okay the connection before the device appears on the computer. You might also have to toggle the power to the camera on and off once connected. under the advanced settings on your camera the options for turning off firewire should be set to allow firewire.

    I have an ASUS laptop that won't display the usb controllers until i connect something to it. Have you reinstalled windows on your laptop before? I've seen laptops that have 64bit CPUs use components (like firewire connections) built for 32bit operating systems. You "can" put a 64bit os on the laptop but you forfeit using a whole bunch of devices if they don't support 64bit windows.

    You can narrow your diagnosis to either the camera or the PC by either connecting another firewire device to the PC or connecting the camera to a different PC. Also check the cable, that's a 4pin to 4pin firewire? if you're using an adapter to stop down the 6pin firewire to 4pin - the adapters are frequent breakpoints.

    that's a fun camera when all is working - good luck
  3. Well you mentioned "by the way i looked to my bios that maybe the firewire port is disabled but in bios have not a setting for it" so maybe as I have encountered to few desktop as well as laptops the IEEE 1394 is not connected. Please check the laptop manual to verify this. If you connect the camera by either IEEE 1394 or USB Windows should be able to detect it somehow then you have to install the software for your camera so you can transfer videos to your laptop. Anyway there are laptops plug-ins that you can purchase to transfer video from your camera to your PC. Like pinnacle, But most desktop or laptops with IEEE1394 should work. Check you manual first.
  4. In the and fixed this problem. first time to connecting my cam to PC , I have got 2 firewire cable (4pin-to-4pin) to connect. but it's never get a attention while connecting to PC. Today I get a new cable for it and it's works now. I think before this cable I had a problem about contact between camera and calble. I could be crazy cuz of this. When I tried to connect with new cable , I got a attention and than installed my firewire port and computer got a restart automaticly and after that my cam installed as SONY DV CAM . but doesn't matter. cuz I can use my cam now and tried to copy casette with Adobe Premier. Quality is perfect to copy on firewire. 1 hour casette got 13.56 GB space of my disk )) . And you can get more quality if you want. So thank you to care my problem ))
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