Gpu heat over 60C idle?

I've been looking around and can't find any solution, thanks for your help.

I've been having this problem for quite a while now.
I have an 8800 GT OC'd by BFG.
This problem has been going on for quite a while now, not sure when it started, but i know it just suddenly started happening.
So, with my old case (when it started happening) this GPU was running at 74C idle, soo I stuck with playing the old half-life, non steam (witch actually lowered my gpu temp to 70C O.o)
I finally got a huge order and almost completely overhauled my computer, with the exception of the GPU, and APU (sound card).
This has lowered my gpu to 62C I opened my case and felt the card and yes, it was HOT, even with all 5 of my fans running. Any suggestions?
Planning on giving up, and buying a new gpu, but I want to see what you think of it first. (Mabye taking the metal cover, heatsink, and fan, and doing a huge cleaning session? Tut plzz)

Thanks all.
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  1. Still using a stock cooler for CPU? If yes, then buy an aftermarket cooler, it will much better than a stock one...

    But before that, make sure all the components are free from dust and re-apply the thermal paste for cpu and gpu, if that's make no changes then buy a new cpu cooler...

    What is your room temp?
  2. Because the 8800GT is an older card now, it probably needs a good clean and some new paste. Once a year(ish) I take my GPU's apart, give them a proper clean out and then reset the heatsink with some new paste.. the difference (on one of my old cards) was 14C after doing this!

    A thin layer of dust on a heatsink can drop it's performance by 10%, and a thick layer of dust (like completely clogged) can drop the heatsinks performance by 75% (going from pre-cleaning / post-cleaning on my own CPU and GPUs).
  3. alright I'll clean it, (I'm also waiting for tiger direct to ship my new cooler), and i'll get back to you.
  4. Alright, cleaned the gpu out, same problem. I used a new paste and everything, I'm about to give up and break into my savings for a new card... well, uum, it seems that
    it lowered my temp by 1 degree... :P
  5. I think it's the RAM surrounding the GPU, new thread on it, check it out and plzzz halp meh
  6. new cpu cooler does nothing gpuheat wise
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