$4000-4500 budget for a gaming system, help me choose parts plz

It's been about four years since I built my own system, and with the exception of ATI's recent Eyefinity surround gaming tech and NVIDIA's apparently superior nfinity (superior according to HardOCP's comparison earlier this year), I have not been keeping up with things.

So, with about $4,000 to spend on a system (not including monitors- my 30" is fine for a bit longer, and I'll wait for monitor prices to hopefully keep falling so I can get 3 great 24" monitors when I decide to go the triple gaming route), and keeping in mind that I'll likely opt for two NVIDIA cards (unless ATI releases something killer in the next few months) with triple monitor gaming in mind and blu-ray movie viewing (I already have logitech 5.1 speakers, so I don't need speakers, mouse, or keyboard, or OS), what parts would you choose? I'd greatly appreciate folks' advice.

I plan to build in December, and to buy on black Friday, or whatever is the best time for no tax/good prices after Thanksgiving.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. well if we recommend a parts list now it will be obselete in november so your better off waiting till then

    and why do you need 4500 on a PC? are you a hard core gamer?
  2. yes...doing an extensive mod list install to Oblivion Elder Scrolls and it is bringing my current system to its knees. I also like flight sims, and the upcoming Eagle Dynamics A-10 sim is going to be very taxing to systems.
    So, playing the above across 3 monitors for a combined resolution of something like 4700x1200 is gonna require some serious horsepower.

    I don't need bling or flash, so if I can build an uber-uber machine for less money, great. I'm just gonna treat myself so I don't have to cut any corners if need be.

    PS- I will only need maybe 2 or 3 SSD drives, b/c I have plenty of HDDs now.
  3. how much storage?
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128446
    Gigabyte mobo, LGA 1366.............700

    GSkill DDR3 RAM 1600 CLS 6 .........200

    Core i7 gulftown 6 core....900

    HP blu ray burner........170

    Antec 1200 full tower case with fans.....160

    AT radeon 5970 ..........650 x2 in CF

    corsair PSU 80 plus gold......300

    total: 3730 without HDD

    i can put that in after you tell me your storage needs
  5. ^ that is a beast
  6. Thanks. I'll likely get NVIDIA's uber cards of the moment over ATI, though that may change if ATI keeps improving it's Eyefinity-ready cards.
  7. really?

    even though two 5970s in CF cream NVidia?
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125319
    GTX 480 ........450

    so tow in SLI will do you 900

    new total 3130

    if you do 3way sli........3580

    4 way........4030
  9. you can probably do 2 or 3 480's with the best i7 available and be able to get the needed peripherals in budget. That is crazy firepower.
  10. Upendra09 said:

    even though two 5970s in CF cream NVidia?

    I'm not really sure if you can do 4 5970's, but 4 480's? :ouch:
  11. Honestly 2 480's would probably laugh at what you wanna do graphics wise. 3-4 seems like overkill to the max. But I suppose that is the point :)
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