Crucial M4 Low Speeds

I was wondering why my speeds are so slow for this 128 GB Crucial M4 SSD. I noticed other years are nearly reaching 500 MB Write times, while mine isn't even at 300. Can somebody help me out here?
Here is a picture of my speeds,
Thanks in advance
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  1. Probably your motherboard doesn't support SATA 6Gig, or could be AHCI isn't enabled/supported... Including some form of system spec would help.
  2. Beside what JustSomeJoe said, you will not notice the difference between 300 and 500.
  3. What is the brand name and model of your motherboard?
  4. ASUS P8B75-V. My mobo does support it though, it says Sata 6 GB/S and AHCI is enabled. Oh. I'm reading my manual and it says that only one of the connectors is SATA 3. I may have connected the SSD to the wrong port.
  5. Ok, so I plugged the SSD into the right port on the Mobo (Sata III). I'm getting Write speeds of 500 and Read of 200. Awesome! Thanks for your help guys :P
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