HIS 1gb radeon hd 5450, any good?

in terms of energy effiency, graphics quality, power consumption.
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  1. In terms of energy efficiency and power consumption,its good but don't expect great performance in games(because its a low-end card for gaming)
  2. It would be fine for Windows 7 Aero or for an HDMI build but it is no gaming card.
  3. According to Anand, it doesn't even have enough umph for high def. Wish I could find that article...
    I would recommend spending just abit more on an HD5550/5570 if you are looking to do any HD viewing.
  4. The bottom line is this. For an general use PC or HTPC (pushing a 720p HDTV), it would be suitable. HTPC use with a 1080i system may be a stretch and you might want a more capable GPU (as suggested by buzznut).

    If you are planning on playing the latest game titles, you will need to step up a class to the 57XX or 58XX GPUs.

    Essentially, it all depends on what you plan to do with the HD5450 to gain a good assessment of its capabilities and limitations.

    Good luck!
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