Stutter/freeze with any AA

I have a Radeon HD 3850. Enabling AA on any game, any amount, and at random frequences the card will stop responding, sending the game into a stutter freeze. this will go on for about 30 seconds, the card will reset and sometimes the game will be restored, sometimes not. I know it is AA because I have had AA off for months after experiencing this. i turned it on again today and it has been happening all day. Any other setting, it doesn't matter. Just AA.

I have upgraded drivers, updated my BIOS, switched from full screen to windowed, checked for overheating - i just don't know. I am totally lost for solutions and don't know where to even look anymore.
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  1. Open Catalyst control center and go to "3D" section,choose "AA" tab and make sure "Use application settings" is checked.
    Also does it give you any errors when it freezes ?
  2. Maziar said:
    Open Catalyst control center and go to "3D" section,choose "AA" tab and make sure "Use application settings" is checked.

    I have always had it set to use application settings. In fact, I don't let CCC control any of those settings.

    Also does it give you any errors when it freezes ?

    Well, when I have error reporting on in CCC, it asks me to send a report to ATI, but then it wants to send it with outlook instead of via the error reporting app (lol).

    All I know is that if AA is on in any way, the card will stop responding and take about a minute to reset.

    Even recently, I don't even have to be playing a game or doing anything GPU intensive. Four times this week the card stopped responding while browsing the internet. Is my card dying now?
  3. What's your PSU ? can you test with a different one ?
  4. PSU: (635W)

    i do not have another to test with. but i am buying new parts soon, so if my power source is insufficient i can get a new one.
  5. i have taken a video of what happens to my card.

    @ 23 seconds is when it begins. @ 34 seconds the screen goes black (the video did not reflect this). @ 39 seconds the ATI error message would come up about the card not responding and had been reset. sometimes the game would start up again, sometimes stay black.
  6. even for just 1 video card? or in general?

    also, i was monitoring temps last night while playing a game to see how hot the card really gets during AA gameplay. the card hit 112C and 110C twice before locking up. i am guessing this is could be a heat issue as well - i don't think the GPU should be running that hot? i have never gotten an aftermarket cooler for my video card before. any recommendations?
  7. oops,sorry i was going to post that in another thread.Deleted it
    Back to your question,well i did a search and it seems that maximum temp for a 3850under load is 90c(without an after market cooler), anything more than that isn't acceptable.Your temps are quite high so they maybe causing the problem.
  8. i don't know much about VGA cooling. any recommendations or guides?
  9. I don't think that's going to help much because like i said,it even go over 90c(even with a stock cooler), what is your room temperature and do you have a good airflow in your case?
  10. room temp is usually 23C/24C, airflow is decent... why would getting an aftermarket cooler for my card not help?
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    It may help but your card shouldn't even reach those temps with a stock cooler, but as for a good aftermarket cooler, AKASA Vortexx NEO would be a good option
    Here is a reviwe of it
  12. thank you for all your help
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  14. No problem,I hope it will help your card run cooler
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