I7 is it the right time to buy it?

I was planning to build a new gaming system around $3000.00 and use the 6 core 3.2Ghz or 3.33Ghz...
But just came across that Intel is introducing the new Sand Bridge in a few months...
So my question is;
Should I wait to see what is coming up? Will i7 prices drop? How much the new one willlreally improve the experience?

Any ideas?
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  1. Why would you waste your money on a hexacore CPU for gaming? Since most games use 4 or fewer cores getting an i7 950 and OCing it will save you a ton and give you the same performance in games, it will also let you drop more into the GPU which will help improve your performance. No reason to buy top of the line when very few things can even entirely use a quad core i7 thats been OC'd.
  2. Well, sorry for not stating it properly. I also will use this machine for CAD/3DMAX work. So I am convinced that the 6 cores will help me at he long run however I am wondering if with the new processors coming next year the prices will drop...?
  3. You could also wait because i'm sure Bulldozer will follow the new sandy bridge. Andy then i'm sure the 6 core AMD's will have dropped in price a bit.
  4. if you want security.i would wait till q1 next year. buying the i7 would be a huge upgrade from existing systems, but some argue that the processing power is redundant and that upgrading should wait till games can support the hard ware. i believe that hardware will continue to be updated regardless of the software and how it ultilises the hardware. so i say the best you can do is be paitient and buy at the best opportunity. i say grab the q1 i7 when prices drop and the build around it to keep it as future proof as possible. lol i have had my rig for more almost 2 years. and its still a powerhouse :).haha thats just what i would do though
  5. The prices wont drop mostly, atleast for the top end CPU's (the QX9770 still costs around 1K$).. An i7 980X purchase now will surely go a long way irrespective of how the next gen processors turn out to be..
  6. After reading the specs and planned release dates as well as the features for the sandy bridge I wouldn't worry about waiting for the new intel cpu's. They will have very little to no overclocking and they will also have 3G technology that allows outsiders to wipe hard drives, make computers inoperable (incase they're stolen) without permission from the current user. I think I can wait for a while. And if I read it right it's gonna have an LGA1155 socket. Looks like we're talking late 2011 for release. I'm not saying it won't be great but I'll wait till it's out and someone else has worked the bugs. I doubt the prices are gonna drop much, if any, when these chips gets released, at lease for a quite a while. YEP I think it's time to buy the i7!
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