Is this a good SSD?

Hey, I had this included in my system build and I was told by someone that this is not a good SSD. They did not justify their answer and he/she was wrong about something else that she/he said. So I was just checking to see if anyone could tell me how this compares to other SSDs. If anyone could suggest a better one or cirtify this one as being decent then that'd be great. Thanks.

Kingston 120GB SDD Solid State Drive 2.5" SATA SSD-NOW Hard Drive SVP200S3 120G - [...] 35bf314e1a
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  1. make your own decision

    and try to avoid ebay
  2. That's the Kingston SSDNow V+200 SSD listed in the database. Kingston advertises it as an enterprise level ssd suitable for everyday business use. Normally I don't list enterprise drives in the database but there was some consumer interest.

    I recommend the Samsung 830 series. Samsung has a stellar track record.

    I do not recommend purchasing solid state drives on ebay. Almost none of the sellers are factory authorized vendors so there is no factory warranty. In addition almost all of the sellers do not accept returns (rma's). If you buy one you are stuck with it if something goes wrong. If you shop very carefully and are patient there are some really great sale prices that are actually lower than the ebay buy it now prices.
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