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Least Expensive Raid Card for 3 SSDs

I've spent several hours trying to determine the different price points when it comes to RAID cards. About a month ago I built my first computer and the people on this forum was great to help me sort through some issues I was having. Anyhow, I have an i7-875k which I've managed to get runnning at a little over 4 Ghz, a P55-GD65 mobo, 3 Corsair V64 SSDs, and 4 TB Seagate 7200.12 HDDs.

I primarily do a lot of database work and video editing and intended to use the SSDs in RAID 0 for all my applications and the HDDs for all my data (a 1TB array would be large enough). The problem is that I have 7 SATA ports on the mobo, but one is on a seperate controller so I recently figured out that I have an extra drive. Now I think I'm faced with three options:

1. RAID each of the three set of drives together and keep the other HDD to periodically backup everything. (Routine backups are made to a WD exteral 1.5 TB.)
2. Buy another RAID card and build the two RAID arrays using all 7 drives. (I'd like to keep it under $100.)
3. Take the extra drive back to the store.

I just learned of RAID capabilities a few months ago and I'm pretty curious. I think if I end up buying a seperate card, I'll start buying extra drives to fill the slots for the heck of it.

Thanks in advance!0
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  1. Your motherboard BIOS should have a RAID option. If you get one SSD, keep to at AHCI, if you get multiple, RAID it according to the ratings:0,1,2,5..etc...
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    just take back one of the hdd's

    you wont get a quality raid card for under 100$ as far as I know.
  3. ^ Correct. You will need at least $100+ for a decent RAID card with 4x SATA ports.
  4. Cheaper ones are just not worth it. Some have a maximum slow than a single SSD.
    I wanted to Raid 2xBarracuda 7200.12s. Turned out My raid card had a limit lower than one of my non-SSD drives.
  5. rand_79 said:
    just take back one of the hdd's

    you wont get a quality raid card for under 100$ as far as I know.

    I actually tried the RocketRaid 640 ($160). It worked, but it added 30 seconds to my boot time and disabled my Jmicron sata whatever you call it.
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