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I have a question about applying CPU Paste. I've heard a lot of different opinions how to do that. So should I put it and spread it with finger (wrapped in plastic bag) or should I just let the pressure from the heatsink spread the compound on the CPU ?
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  1. lol dont touch the paste with your fingers. drop a dot on the cooler's surface and the let the pressure do the rest :) oh and before you put the themal paste please make sure its really clean dirt reduces cooling efficiency. i've seen the difference
  2. I agree completely with ct1615. I would only add that it depends on the formula to some extent. Any good cpu paste (shipped with a cooler) will do a good job; the range between just sticking a dot of past and mashing the cooler on the processor, to lapping the cooler and processor and using a paste with powdered metal in it (the very best have it, but it is more dangerous, since the paste is electrically conductive, is only one degree at most.
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