Hard disk has changed to RAW and isn't accessible


I have partitioned my external hard drive. One partition works fine, one isn't accessible any longer - I have had it for over two years and it has always worked until now.

Disk management does identify it and shows that the format has changed into RAW. I am using Windows 7 and it is prompting me to format it. I tried changing the letter assigned to the drive but that didnt make any difference. I have tried various things and received numerous error messages such as "path does not exist" or "cyclic error" etc. Windows wants me to format the disk before using it.

I have downloaded Recuva but when I select the drive it says "path does not exist".

Disk Management shows the drive as "healthy" and I have run various antivirus checks and everything seems fine. Windows Recovery did do its job - took over 2 hours - and I selected "attempt to find and fix bad sectors" - it completed its job but hasnt made any difference.

Please can you help me? I am trying to convert the drive back into NTFS so that Windows 7 can access it.

I want to make a back-up before attempting to make a recovery but I cant access the drive so havent a clue how to make a backup in this situation.

I need advice as to a) how to back up this partition and b) how to convert the RAW partition back into NTFS.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Double post
  2. unksol said:
    Double post

    Thanks thats very helpful. This was my first ever post on this site and upon submission of my query, I received a message saying that it was unsuccessful and that I had to try again later! So whether it was a double post or not, thanks for taking time out from your valuable day to help a newbie.

    four4magicparts - thanks for the suggestion. I used Recuva. For some reason when I removed the hardisk and then connected it again this time it worked and Recuva didnt bring up the error message.

    For those that genuinely experience a similar problem to me, dont bother wasting time with Windows recovery disk management. Use Recuva to back up the exisiting data on the unaccesible drive (eventhough it is RAW format, a copy can still be made). Save it on desktop for example. Then simply format your hardrive to NTFS format. Once complete, drag and drop your saved data back onto the hardisk - easy. Worked for me.
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