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My bro's comp built by himself ( who is no longer into computers, sadly for me :( ) about 3 years ago :-

Intel E6750 Core 2 Duo Conroe at 2.66 Ghz
Gigabyte P35 DS4 Motherboard
RAM 4 GB DDR2, dont know the frequency although cpu-z says DRAM Frequency 500 and cal latency 5.0 clocks
Case :-
Current GFX :- Not sure which one but some gigabyte 8600GT dedicated video memory 256MB
Also my current PSU is some generic one with peak 400W and rated 350W :$
It also has some good cpu cooler, which my bro bought for 600 dhs ( 150$ ) and installed a year ago.

Now i want to upgrade the computer's graphics to a 5770 or a 5850 ( between which im split.. ) The psu has handled the 8600gt greatly, never had the blue screen of death**. since the 5xxx series are of great power efficiency, will the current psu handle it alright?

next, cpu and mobo... the mobo has 16x pcie 2.0 so thats fine... but the processor, will it bottleneck either the 5770 or 5850? and will i have any surplus power to overclock the processor so that it wont bottle neck? never overclocked any procssors here btw..

and finally the case, is the case alright to handle the combined temperatures of them all?
and yes it only has the single fan it came with.. current temperature readings for gpu is at 61*C idle.. my guess is it goes to 90 under load. the cpu however is below 40*C. other temperatures are at 40s max.

** A similiar build to this but with a cheaper mobo, built for me, suffered frequently from blue screen of death.. must be me overworking it but i no longer have it and i use a gaming laptop with 9600mgt with almost similar performance of either of the PCs
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  1. If upgrading this current build wont work out, im looking at building something like this :-

    5850 ( adding another 5850 down the road )
    Xfire capable mobo, preference for gigabyte
    Phenom II X4 955BE
    Antec Three hundred + 650TX Corsair or Coolermaster HAF 922 with 600W PSU
    4 GB DDR3 ( G Skillz @ 1333 )
    Some optics and caviar blue 500 GB Hard-disk

    But if upgrading current pc is possible, how will the current pc compare with the build i've mentioned above?
  2. Old rig would need a new PSU for the new card. You could start on your upgrade path by buying the PSU and GPU from the new build and stick it in your old.
  3. Your current rig is still good, man...
    Adding HD5770 and a new PSU would be great, no need to buy a new rig for now, save your money for a whole new system later... :)
  4. but really, does the 5770 consume more than the 8600gt? i thought they were like really efficient :I
  5. They are efficient and would probably run but do you want to put that investment in a danger with marginal PSU.
  6. bleh nvm, tried the power calculator and there is a substantial increase in power consumption... well thank you guys!
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