I7 930 CPU temps over 80 degrees

We just finished our current build a couple of months ago, and so far everything has been running near PERFECTLY. Over the past few days, my cpu temps have been shooting up to 80, 90, and even 100 degrees (according to PC Probe II and PC Wizard), alarms going off all over the place.

I have an i7 930 which has never been overclocked (all of my hardware is still at factory settings). On idle, my temps are around 37 or 38 degrees, but if we leave it idle for TOO long (after the monitor shuts off to power save), the temp will shoot up to around 80 degrees. Normal web surfing shows around 40 to 45 degrees, and Photoshop CS5 jumps it up to low 50s.

I get the highest temps when playing Sims 3 (up in the 80s) or running certain other programs. I was planning to buy a Corsair H50 in the next month or so -- will this drastically help my temps? When the temps go into the red, the PC won't shut off completely but will stutter horribly and ultimately freeze up.

Antec Nine Hundred (4 stock fans)
i7 930
Asus 96X58D-E
MSI GTX 460 Cyclone 1GB
6GB G.Skill 1600
Windows 7 x64
Thermaltake Purepower 600w

The two front case fans are intake, the 200mm top fan is exhaust and the rear fan is exhaust. We used Antec Silver Thermal Compound on the heatsink.

Is it possible that my cpu has suffered damage from these very high temps? We never witnessed the temps reach those levels before last week.
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  1. not too sure but intel claims that i7s are fairly hot, high temps shouldnt be a problem. its the oc volts that cause problems. i'm not too sure what the peak volts of i7s are but i'm fairly sure if its below the limit your processor whould be fine :). i believe your problem lies in the psu. if its aging, the psu tends to lose wattage. and then it cant really support your hardware. also non stable psu's also cause damage to your hardware. i'd check the volts to see if the psu if stable. lol i wouldnt use a 600w psu on an i7 system. haha i'm just saying. i'd invest in a higher rated psu that wil last a few more years :) also if your looking to invest in water cooling get swiftechs water cooling kit the corsair h50 isnt that great. . . hope that helps :)
  2. lol omg of course 100c is way too hot. sorry i kinda missed that sentence. you should use an aftermarket cooler. the stock cooler wasnt meant for ocing. you might have damaged your i7 there. its best you stop using the system till you find a cooler. lol btw if it still stutters its your psu thats broken
  3. When you do your build make sure you apply the thermal paste adequately on the cpu and the cpu cooler. After you do this check it visually if it is mounted correctly also check if the GPU is seated correctly on the PCI slot. then go the BIOS hardware monitor (or PC health) check if the temp is normal.
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