How long does newegg take to deilver?

i chose the newegg delivery for 3 dollars. it says 4-6 bussiness days but some ppl says its faster?

can anyone tell me?

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  1. It really depends on where it's being shipped from and where you are. I've gotten some things from Newegg in 2 days, other components have taken 3 and a few times it's been 6 days. You should have a tracking number to give you better information.
  2. If you live here Germany, like I do...hmmmm...How about more than 100 years?
    Newegg doesn't ship there.
  3. i'm in ottawa, ontario, so it really depends were it comes from, for me it's usually
    3-6 business days
  4. 2-3 business days, because i live in Nevada, right by Cali where they have a newegg station type thing
  5. I'm with Mr Pizza and dirtmountain... 2 to 3 days is pretty standard in the USA.
  6. 3 - 5 working days to Dallas, TX.
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