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I want to move my newly cloned 1T drive to another laptop

I have a dv6 laptop that is 2 years old. The original hdd was failing so I had it cloned to a 1T size drive. Now other signs of future problems are beginning to appear. I'm going to get another laptop and want to replace its drive with my new one. If I get another hp will I need to do anything except just switch them out?
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    Yes, this won't work well, if at all. The new system would need all new drivers vs your two year old machine. There likely is no good way to move the drive into the new system, other then cloning the drive it ships with to the 1tb and overwriting whats on it.
  2. Since the OS will see a different mobo, it will need a new activation. It should prompt you to either do a repair of the install or to validate your copy of OS.
  3. why use the cloned drive? do you need the data or programs?
  4. Thank you all for the quick replies to my question. I cloned the hdd because I got a OS message that it was about to fail. I didn't want to lose everything or go through a full reinstall of all programs on a new unit and without a NAS option I opted for the new hdd. I purchased the dv6 from Sam's with the extended warranty. It's due to expire in about 30 days. I can switch hdd's and return the unit to them and get a full refund on both the dv6 and the cost of the extended warranty. Then I'm free to buy another unit with the extended warranty. Since then the fan motor has started to surge and it runs hot which indicatest failure is ahead.
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