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I am currently looking to buy a case that provides externally removable air filters from each of the intake fans. I have the Antec Twelvehundred case, and the mesh filters are nice, but require opening the case to remove the fan filters. Antec makes one case, the P193, but only provides the externally removable filter for the large 200mm fan. Has anyone seen or heard of a case like the one I am seeking?

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  1. not sure about fan sizes but coolermaster haf cases are pretty slick. also come with dust filters too i believe
  2. Take a look at the Youtube demo video for the Antec Dark Fleet series. It has exactly what you're looking for.
  3. How about this - Antec Lanboy Air Gamers Case

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  4. I just vacuum the dust off the air filters from the outside when the PC's off on my 1200
  5. I do the same, and then have a can of compressed air and pop the side window off real quick and just blow it out. Not too bad.
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