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Can I swap an optical drive for a SSD?
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  1. cneelsr said:
    Can I swap an optical drive for a SSD?

    I would like to replace the Optical drive in my computer with a SSD drive. My computer only has room for 2 HDD's. Since I rarely use my optical (dvd/cd) drive, I would like to swap it out with a 128GB vertex 4 and use it as my boot drive. Would this work OK? :wahoo:
  2. Yes you can.

    Ensure the optical drive uses SATA connector
    see this for example of what sata connector looks like

    In Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 whatever. It will see the new drive and install it.
  4. I did the same thing with my laptop, there are adapters for both desktops and laptops alike for replacement.

    I haven't used my DVD-Drive....ever. So I too decided why not simply replace it with an SSD?

    Everything now days is done digitally, cd-drives are a dying media. It's good to have physical redundancy, but it's just too easy to re-download or re-copy digitally if something happens.
  5. Yes you can, assumigh the dvd drive is a sata attachment.

    A SSD is very small, and can fit most anywhere.
    If you have an extra sata port, and a sata power connector, I would try to add the ssd.
    You can even use duct tape to keep it positioned somewhere inside of the case.

    One good use of a dvd drive is for recovery. If you ever need to reload windows or do a repair operation, it is nice to have a bootable dvd available.
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