Difference between in cahe memory in hdd.

what is the difference between in these cache memory in hdd like 64 mb,32mb,16 mb.i am planning to buy 1TB wd hdd,but got stuk at 64mb or 32 etc.my use is for gaming and some photoshop work
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  1. The greater the cache memory size the faster.
  2. haska said:
    The greater the cache memory size the faster.

    Not really.
    The amount of cache is selected by engineers to hold enough data so that the mechanical pert of the drive is not delayed.
    The size will be appropriate to the drive.
    There is very little likelihood that with such a small amount of cache that anything in it will ever be reused often enough to make a significant performance difference. I think high amounts of cache are mostly marketing.
    It is the mechanical component of a hard drive that determines their performance.
    Probably the best performance metric for a hard drive is the sustained data rate. You usually have to dig into the drive specs to find this.

    If you want a big difference in performance, buy a SSD.
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