ATI 5850 I5 750 Msi pp55-g65 BC2 issue

here is what im running.

MSI pp55-G65
I5 750
4 gigs ripjaw 2gig each
750 Corsair PSU
XFX 5850 ATI 10.5 and 10.6 tried
wins 7 64bit

I had a Nvidea 8800gtx. i unistalled the divers went into safe mode driver sweepered all the old drivers and installed the New XFX 5850.

i was getting 10-20 FPS???

I then went to best buy and got a deal on a WD 1TB 7200 RPM HDD.

Clean installed Wins 7 64 bit.

Installed Mobo CD and all drivers and such

Installed the video card installed BC2

Ran BC 2 and checked my Current CPU usage.

With BC2 running its hitting 80-95% CPU usage and im still loading into games 40-50 secs and im getting 10-15 FPS.

My friend is running with a I5 860 same card and hes in game withing 5-10 secs with awesome Ping.

i have to chuck my Video settings to Med to just have a decent 20 FPS.

Can anyoen help me or offer advice?
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  1. I have ran it on the default settings im at work atm so im trying to find the default resolution. Even on default though 10-15 Fps sometimes 4-10. let me keep searching
  2. 1680 x 1050 is the Max i have tried it on and it had 7-20 FPS.

    and 1024 x 768

    i have tried both settings on High and on Med. it almost feels like the video card isnt doing anything.....
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