Can not get both computers on the same network.

Hey everyone, I always come here to search for help but this is my first actual post. I've searched non stop for over a day and a half, and can't seem to figure out my problem.

I'm trying to set up my own network in Windows 7. I basically know how to set up a network, but I keep running in to one specific problem (at least I think it's the problem).

My setup:

An old Router a friend gave me (SMC Barricade 7004VWBR). I've got it hooked up into my Cable Modem via Ethernet cord into the WAN slot. In slots one and two I've got Ethernet cables running into my PC and my Laptop.

The problems:

I'm trying to transfer files between the two computers, but I can't seem to figure out how yet.

I've got cable internet on both the computers, but they're not on the same network, and there seems to be no way that I can put them on the same network.

On my PC in the Network and Sharing Center it say I'm connected to "Network 3", but on my laptop it says I'm connected to "Home 2", even though they're both connected to the same internet.

Also, when I go to "Network" on either computer's it only displays one computer. I would click on "Add a wireless device" but I don't have wireless on my PC.

Another problem I'm having is in the Network and Sharing Center I click on "Setup a new connection or Network", then I click "Set up a new Network" which says "Configure a new router or Access point". I thought that this would be what I was missing but when I proceed it shows me a completely different router name (I live in apartments, chances are it's someone else's). I even tried accessing it thinking it might be a glitch, but it says I need to enter an 8-digit PIN number displayed on the bottom of my router. I looked at every single number on the bottom and none of them are the PIN.

Why is it not picking up my router's signal? I can connect to the wireless from my router perfectly, and I've got using it as an access point enabled in the admin console.

There's probably a ton I haven't mentioned, I haven't slept all night trying to get this to work. Does anyone think they might know what's going on, or how to connect the PC and the Laptop in the same Network so I can transfer files?
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  1. Are both computers in the same workgroup?
    Can you ping each computer by IP address
    Have you shared a folder on both computers?
    On the windows 7 have you set the network to private and not public?
  2. Yes, they're on the same workgroup. I can also ping both computers with 0% loss. I've also got shared folders on each computer, and the network is set to Public.

    I've gotten much closer, though. I can now see the laptop as a "Media Device" in Network, and I can listen to music from my laptop on my PC. I've disabled the Media Sharing option but my PC just drops right off the Network.

    So I know I've got the computer on the network, it's just not showing up as a computer (so I can transfer files).

    Could it possibly be that both computers have the same "Full Name"? It displays them both as "HomePC", even when in the Media Sharing state. I've changed the account names but it doesn't do anything.

    Any help on how to get the computer to actually show up on the network would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I would go ahead and change the name on one of them. It could be causing problems.

    As a troubleshooting tool, disable any firewalls to rule them out. If they connect then you need to enable one of them and check to make sure it still works. If so, then enable the other one, which should be the problem, and go through the settings. You should be able to set your network to safe which should allow sharing to any computer on your local network.
  4. HI sir please find your computer name you give both computers same name
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