I got the Belkin n52te

I just got this mouse today and the first thing that happens when i try to open the editor to add things I get a error message im running windows xp i thought this mouse could replace my regular mouse but at the moment i have to have two mouses plug in to operate i had downloaded the lastest driver for the mouse and still no prevail and i have tried unplugging the regular mouse and see if it works on it's own still no prevail can anyone help before with his
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  1. When you plug-in the new mouse windows should detect it, if not install the software with it if it has one or go to its manufacturer website and download the driver for it. Go to My Computer, right click on it (using the mouse that work) click on Device Manager. Check the pointing device is installed successfully (that is without an exclamation point). I guess this is a PS 2 mouse not a USB - so usually the connector is at fault - try securely and slowly insert it on it's slot.
  2. Um, the Belkin N52TE is not a mouse.
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