Is phenom 2 x4 comparable with asus m2n mx se plus

i bough a new phenom 2 x4 for my old asus m2n mx se motherboard is it compatible with it cause when i check in dxdiag it shows as ~800mhz i dont feel the speed of the processor and with windows computer rating it saws processor is not up to the mark. please tell me how to get it right cause my processor is 3.02ghz
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  1. Thanks For the link, as per ur knowledge is it compatible with the processor cause i've already bought it if not please recommend a cheap and best mother board for it.
  2. Which Phenom 2 X4 chip you got? If they are the latest ones with three digit model numbers, they wont be supported as mentioned on the support list.
  3. am running with the same mother and processor so the chip must be okay with the mother board but i dont see any difference between my old one can u name any motherboard which can boost the performance.
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