New'ish Build wont boot. Help!! Pleeeease!

I put a machine together from a Komplett Kit back early in the year. I got a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, i7-920, Crosshair Ram, Harddrive, PS, Case..etc.
All was working fine until today. I've just wiped the HD and put on XPSP3. Today the computer started fine and I installed WMP11 during a regular update. When the computer restarted it froze just after Verifying DMI Pool Data... Boot From CD/DVD. If I try boot from the XP CD I get to the "press any key to boot from CD" and it still freezes, did get to hit enter once but the machine froze.
I do have images of my machine taken using NovaBackup. Using the Nova rescue disk I can see that both the Hard drives are not being picked up. But are listed in the BIOS. I have an external USB HD that is registering as the C: drive.
Ive tried taking out all ram but one stick - Same Problem.
Bios back to Fail Safe Defaults - Same Problem
Removed all USB Devices - Same Problem
Using Q-Flash the computer also freezes. Can get to it from the Bios setup but only lists Floppy Drive.

Any ideas?? Is it the MB?

Hop someone can help!!!

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  1. im havin the same problem right now i just built a computer a week ago and cant boot to the win7 disk i can boot to the mb disk but not the os disk.
    Mine also freezes on verifying dmi pool data......
    One time i got a post error and resetted it to system defaults and it didnt freeze it said "verifying dmi pool data....... update successful"
    Then i rebooted so i could change the boot order it froze on verifying dmi pool data

    My teacher suggested i reseat the cards, and clear the dmi pool data i have yet to try these

    good luck
  2. Thanks. Was thinking of taking everything out of the case and doing a rebuild. Who knows.
    It just happened. Hadn't changed any hardware. If that doesn't work I'll try the HDDs in another computer... then if that doesn't work I'm thinking its the MB... but I'm not too sure. Never had a problem that wouldn't at least allow me to boot into windows setup.

    Good luck!!
  3. Are you installing a 64 bit OS? ACPI needs turned on for 64 bit OS and it often defaults to disabled in bios. Its usually in the power management stuff in the bios.
  4. so if i dont turn on acpi then it wont boot my disk with the 64 bit win7
  5. i set the hd as none and could boot the express recovery no problem but then i set the hd to auto and it found the hd then i booted it up again and tried to boot it and it said
    verifying dmi pool data..........
    Boot to cd:
    Press any button to startup express recovery.......
    isolinux : found something at drive : d8
    isolinux: failed to locate cdrom device: boot failed

    also if i press a button real fast before isolinux pops up i can boot to it

    does this mean my hd is stopping me from booting to cds correctly?
  6. pato25 said:
    so if i dont turn on acpi then it wont boot my disk with the 64 bit win7

    That is correct.

    I know nothing about installing isolinux so I cant help you there.
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