MSI Motherboard need specs.

I need the specs. for a MSI-IONA v1.0. I have a Hp Pavillion p6330f desktop with a intel i3 530 cpu. SIW says it has a MSI, model-IONA, version-1.0 motherboard but when I go to the MSI site and put in a search for IONA the response is "sorry can not be found". Anyone know where I can get this info? Thanks
P.S. The reason I need this is I keep hearing a background beep coming from my pc and one person suggested it could be the bios sending info. about its condition?
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  1. No website lists oem boards. If your board is for an hp system, then you'll find the specs on their website. You may even find some recommended upgrades for cpus, which is better than dell, which usually doesn't list any. Use yahoo and list your board number or system number for a direct link.
  2. What kind of beep is it? When does it occur? (At POST or after its up and running) If its a single short beep during POST then that is perfectly normal and you have no problem. If you don't want to hear the POST beep then you can simply disconnect the motherboard speaker from the front panel interconnect header.
  3. Motherboard Specifications, MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E) are on HP's website :

    Do you have an AMI BIOS or an Award/Phoenix BIOS? The POST BIOS Beep Codes are different for each.
  4. problem has been solved. it was not the hardware it was software that had a setting i was not aware.
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