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I'm looking to pair up a Gainward gtx 460 (768mb) with a vantec ion2+ 460w Power Supply. For those who haven't heard about this psu (and it's good-ish) here's the specs:

AC input: 115 VAC / 230 VAC 4.5~8A 50-60 Hz
+3.3V: 28A
+5V: 30A
+12V: 30A
-12V: .8A
-5V: .5A
5VSB: 3A
Combined maximum peek output +3.3V / +5V: 230W (+12V is 360W)
Combined maximum rated output +3.3V / +5V & +12V: 460W

Will the amps be enough for the gtx460? will the card receive enough power?

(this particular psu has just one 6-pin pci-express connector, while the gpu requires two, but I will use a 2xmolex to pciexpress adapter so shouldn't be a problem).

Thank you all very much, this is the first time I'm asking a question here :P
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  1. CORRECTION: The specs for the PSU are different than what I posted. My PSU is the Ion2+ C series which has the following specs:

    +3.3V=25A, +5V=25A, +12V1=18A, +12V2=17A (taken from )

    the 18Amps on the 12v rail seem a bit low. should I be worried? thanks
  2. Yes it's ok. The GTX 460 requires a 450w psu with a 12v 24a. Also you can use the adapters and it will work fine. I also recommend Corsair or Antec 400w with around 30a on their 12v will work just fine.
  3. A pair of GTX460's needs about 20 - 24 amps. It will be kind of close, but it should work as long as you do not have much other stuff in the box.

    If it doesn't work, you always have the option of pulling one card while you wait for a PSU upgrade.
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