I need to build a pc that will run 6 VMware WS's at the same time, each must have 2gb's memory. I do not need max speed, just 8 cpu's. I have been looking at Xeons, for hours now, and ran across articles about core 2 quads, I have not been able to find a MB that supports 2 of these cpus. I can live with the disk IO problems I will have, but i have to have the cpus.

I would like to have 2 each pcie x16, 2 each pci 64 bit 133 and 1 each pci 32 bit. I have a bunch of 1TB sata 3 disks so Raid would be good. Fast USB would also be good. I have to have 18GB's ram. Top speed is not what I am looking for... I would like to run a dual boot win7ux64 and Linux 64 but I can deal with just the Linux if the configuration does not support Windows

Can you advise please ?

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  1. You are misunderstanding the words. They are talking about one of these: Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor.
    It is a single CPU with 4 cores, not two CPUs with 4 cores.

    A MOBO with these specs 2 each pcie x16, 2 each pci 64 bit 133 and 1 each pci 32 bit and support more than 16GB of RAM is very hard to find. MOBOs that come with pci 64-bit (PCI-X) are usually server boards and might require Xeon CPUs.
  2. The skulltrail platform supports 2xQX9775s.
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