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I just bought a used Gateway NV53 and had a question regarding which CPU upgrade route to go.

The NV53 I got has an M880G chipset w/ a Turion II Ultra M300 (2.0 ghz 1MB L2). My initial choice was to do a linear upgrade to an M600 (2.4 ghz 2MB L2) then I saw the Turion X2 Ultra ZM-84 (2.3 ghz 2MB L2). According to the AMD spec page, the only difference between the two is power consumption, 45nm vs 65nm respectively.

My question is are there any other underlying differences that us normal people wouldn't know between the M600 and ZM-84? It's a $5 difference so I'm guessing not.

Any real differences between the Turion II Ultra and Turion X2 Ultra lines?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. Will the BIOS support the CPU?
  2. Um, I don't know. Those are the types of issues I was hoping would be addressed.
  3. Did a little more research and found that my CPU and the two upgrades I was looking at are all 638-pin Socket S1. So they obviously fit, the only difference being the M600 is S1g3 and the ZM-84 is S1g2. Are these two sockets interchangeable/compatible?
  4. No one, really?
  5. Please check the Gateway manual first if it is compatible. A BIOS update might be needed.
  6. I know this is going to be a little useless, and bringing up a dead post, but it might just breath some air into buying old parts now that they're much cheaper now. (The Turion II Ultra M620 can easily be found for <$20 Canadian. but the M640 is $60, and I can't seem to find M660s)

    I just happen to have the same model laptop but with an Athlon II M320.

    This Socket S1 may be compatible with chipsets within its same class, the S1G3. Ideal processors within this class are the Turion II Ultra M500-M560 and M600-M660 series. Please note that you may also need to update the stock memory from PC2-5300 (DDR2 667) to PC2-6400 (DDR2 800)

    Newer Socket S1, S1G4, typically support DDR3 SO-DIMM ram which is incompatible both by Chipset and CPU.

    TDP for both the Turion II Ultra M600 and ZM84 are 35w, its the manufacturing die size that was listed at 45 and 65nm.

    Although the Chipset listed by Gateway indicates its an 880G, it is not a true 880G. its more inline with specs of the M785(RS880M).
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