BSOD after new case!?!

I have installed windows fresh, but it still gets random bsods (stop codes change every time). I am wondering what the possible causes are? I have ran memtest.

Coolermaster Stormsniper Case (was antect sonata elite)
500W antec Earthwatts
1 1TB Samsung HDD
Sappire Radeon 4870
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 (I think)
4 gigs of GSKILL ram

nothing is overclocked.
we concluded it was faulty hardware, but what? Is that an accurate diagnosis?
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  1. bump, anything helps :)
  2. Installed standoffs ok? might be shorting out somewehere
  3. ***. thats true, is there anything else?
  4. Other than running through painful faultfindings,
    I'd try booting one stick of ram at a time, can't always rely on memtest I'm afraid
    possibly a new install of (Pain in the Harris I know) Windows
    Your cpu fan hooked up ok and spinning well?
  5. we have a brand new install of windows, and wow is giving critical errors.
    CPU fan is fine I think.
  6. Apart from the new case you have mentioned, is there anything else that you replaced recently?
  7. New mouse. Thats it though, Case and Mouse.
  8. Aah, WoW, the pain in the Harris,
    I had similar with the Gf's new build, (She Did have one bad stick of Ram) But I also had to do a full re-install of WoW and patches for her as well,
    As DRakoes asked, any other new additions at all?
  9. Read above, Fresh windows install, Fresh wow install, been on there for about a day.
  10. Also, could changing the case cause problems with the RAM? Because it worked fine in the sonata elite.
  11. You may have inadvertantly damaged the ram knocking it or possibly static blasted it,
    ^^ Kudos for the pain of WoW install tho man, i feel your pain :P
  12. True.. thanks. Will try that, moto, and report back if I get BSODS with both sticks and the sticks on my friends computer.

    did you also get random stop codes? we have gotten a bunch of different ones.
  13. Thousands of the damn things, But googling kernel error xx45633, this that and the other, just pointed out it being a memory issue luckily hers is a mirror build to my rig, so I swapped parts out to test on my Rig,
    psu, gfx card ( Tried 4 different cards)
    hard drives,cables
    memtest showed all good,
    was going out my mind, then thought I'd test it with my ram, but before I did that, I tried the onestick boot and first stick just endlessly post/fail/post/fail tried the other stick, played WoW, surfed net no problems, Rma'd the bad stick and The Gf's pc is shiny now :)
    just finding the problem was a pain hehe
  14. damn, sounds ******* annoying.
  15. It was until I found the problem lol, not least because it was a birthday gift, and her big day was fast approaching,
    with a less than pleased Gf in the way, the pressures on to find the problem lol
  16. It seems that was the problem, thanks a lot moto!
  17. Best answer
    Awesome, Glad you got sorted man,
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  19. and Thank you for B.a.
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