Blu Ray not working off raid card....

Thank you for looking at my problem I put in a a sata card for my friend, and a blu-ray burner. But for some reason the computer seems to see it as a cd drive. I open computer and it says BD drive, and I can click eject. It will open but will not see any dvd I put in. The sata card is Silicon Image Sil3512 2-Port Serial ATA PCI Controller Card, and the blu-ray is LG WH14NS40K. Is this card only for hard drives? Thanks for any help!
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    From the manufacturer's website:

    Silicon Image Sil3512 2-Port Serial ATA PCI Controller Card

    "Supports ATAPI devices such as CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+R, etc."

    Re-check your connections or try to connect direct to motherboard SATA port if possible, instead of using add-on card.
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  3. Got it working, thank you!!
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