GTX 480M vs ATI 5870M CF vs SLI GTX 285M

I'm currently looking for a new laptop, one for gaming. Which one (graphics card) will suit me best, I would like to play Crysis, Fallout 3, GTA IV and other games at high or near max settings.

2 GB GTX 480 Mobile=Underclocked Desktop GTX 465
2 x 1 GB ATI 5870 Mobile in Crossfire= ATI 5770 Desktop in Crossfire
2 x 1 GB GTX 285 Mobile in SLI = ?

Things I don't care about: Output of Heat, Lack of battery life (Yes, I know it will last me only 30 min) and weight

ALSO, don't say building a desktop is cheaper and will perform so much better, because, obviously, I know that and already have one, but I need to travel with something that has high end graphics.

Basicly, my screen Resolution will be 1920x1080(Clevo) or 1920x1200(Alienware). The following laptops are being considered Alienware M17x (CF solution only) or the Clevo x8100 (fits all three GFX solutions, optimized for GTX 285M in SLI)

Also, will I be able to utilize the full 2 GB of the SLI/CF configuration.

OriginPC and Eurocom are offering all the CF solutions on the Clevo model.

I currently have a Toshiba laptop for travel, which is really fun to game on because of the greatest GFX solution known to man: Intel Media Accelerator x3100 :lol:
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  1. 2 HD 5870M > 2 GTX 285M > 1 GTX 480M.
    A GTX 480 is about 10-20% faster than a 5870M,so 2 5870Ms easily outperform it
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