Need to redesign a computer from the ground up

I have been using the max pc $647 computer design to make computers for friends but now i have been told by someone that this is no longer recommended because some of the parts in the guide are subpar.
I need the computer to run wow at full 1080p at ultra.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a computer that can do that and cost around 650 dollars or less.
I have several of these cases around
Cooler Master RC-310-BWN1-GP Elite 310 ATX, MATX Mid Tower Case with Window (Black/Blue)
since using that would save me money i would want that in the new design.
can you recommend the parts i should use for this build?

I would also like to use windows 7 64 bit edition as part of the 650 dollars, but the cases are already purchased so they don't need to be factored in.
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  1. I'll throw this at you see what you think,

    Thats 492.97 before your rebate things kick in, and Newegg may do you a combo deal on them anyway
    Still have to find Hard drives and opticals if you need those too though,
    This will handle WoW juuuuust fine though
  2. Thank you very much but which power supply would you recommend for this?
  3. Sorry, double posted the Ram Didn't I? muppet,
    There you go, sorted the link for psu
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