Freezes my pc when i try to install dvd rom

when i try to connect my new LG DVD-rom to my computer, my computer was freeze and some message appear in my monitor from the very first... it says " you need to repair your dvd rom, press the 'r' to continue repair" something like that but nothings happen and still my computer freeze... but when i unplugged the dvd rom from ide cable and the plug comming from power supply... my computer works properly... and like nothings happened... plz try to help... and i apologized for my grammar coz im not fluent in english.... just try to understand... and plz help me....
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  1. Two possibilities. Bad cable or bad drive. Try a different cable. Try connecting to a different motherboard port. If that does not work then try a different optical drive. Fortunately these drives are easily replaced for a very reasonable cost.
  2. what kind of motherboard?

    maybe you dvd-rom is conflicting with the hard drive
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