Replacing my 9800 gtx

Im thinking about selling my 9800 gtx so i can get a 5770. Is this a good idea, and if so, what 5770 should i get? xfx, club 3d, sapphire, or asus?


AMD Athlon II X4 630
Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 4GB PC3-12000 DDR3 mem.
I assume that's all you need to know?
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  1. Well going from a 9800GTX to a HD 5770 will give you a boost but its not huge.
    What resolution do you play at and what's your budget ?
  2. PSU? brand? model? budget? monitor?
  3. The HD5770 will be 30-40% faster and give you DX11 compatibility while using less power. I would choose the card based mainly on price.
  4. ofc, the psu. It's a 600W Xilence. I am going to get my hands on a corsair tx750 after buying a new gfx card, so i can crossfire them. I play at 1280x768, BUT, i love cranking the aa, makes it look much smoother. Im playing on a 30" tv btw

    Budget... well... as soon as i get this monitor i got standing around sold, AND my graphics, which will happen at some point, i can barely afford a 5770.
  5. A 600w may be enough to crossfire HD5770s actually. I've never heard of that brand though so maybe not. How many amps does it claim to have on the +12v rail?
    Also don't bother crossfiring until you are using a monitor/tv with a higher resolution. A single HD5770 should more than suffice for that resolution even with AA cranked up.
  6. a 600W is more then enough to crossfire 5770s and 2 of those can perform even slightly better than HD 5870
  7. It's unfortunately got two +12 volt rails, each at 20 amps. That's why im considering a psu of higher quality.
  8. Well go with a good 500W+ PSU, something like Corsair HX 520/620 would be good
  9. I have been looking quite a lot at the hx650, and the tx650 :)

    Can't decide which one... but here in my country the hx is around 20 bucks more than the tx, so i really don't know
  10. Well the main difference is that HX is a modular PSU so you can use the cables that you want,so your case will be tidier.
  11. Exactly, im just curious if it's worth 20 extra bucks ;)
  12. I do believe two 20a rails should be alright for crossfiring HD5770s. Really they shouldn't use more than one of those rails combined.
  13. Yes it's jyjjy, but IMO its better to go with a more powerful PSU with more Amps
  14. Well sure it is better but he is saying he can barely afford a single HD5770 and he is playing at 1280x768(?). First he should get the HD5770 then he should get a monitor/TV that may actually benefit from 2 HD5770s. Then perhaps consider another HD5770 with a new PSU last on the list considering his current one should be able to handle it, even if it isn't the optimal choice.
  15. Yes,that would be a good way to upgrade too.(Actually the best way :D )
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